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Odyssey Medical is the Canadian resource for special event risk, first aid, emergency and medical consultation, planning, support, and training.  Working coast to coast, they are the national safety partner for marquee North American events.  From obstacle adventure challenges to epic rock concerts, music festivals from electronic dance to country, endurance races to corporate retreats, mountain biking races to triathlons; Odyssey Medical has the team that will ensure you and your participants are covered.

That’s why Odyssey Medical is a valued partner in safeguarding your event.   

In 2008, after years of working in event management, Kevin Jones saw a need in the industry – the provision of event medical services and risk management for a variety of sporting, community, and high-risk events. 

Since then, Kevin has carefully assembled a national team of event professionals with decades of experience in multiple event markets across Canada and the United States.

Odyssey Medical team leaders believe passionately that sound decisions are made based on rational risk assessment.  A well-planned event includes preparing for the worst and enjoying your success when it doesn’t happen. Using a multi-disciplinary team approach we work directly with our client partners to define and deploy the most appropriate team and resources across a range of event sizes and budgets.

If you’re planning a music festival, a large scale running event or a three-day adventure race in a remote setting, Odyssey Medical can help determine what services will make your next event safe, successful and affordable. 

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The Odyssey Medical team is comprised of a truly multi-disciplinary team of health care and emergency management professionals including Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, Athletic Therapists, Wilderness Medicine Experts, and Medical and Fire First Responders that are supported by a management team committed to the core values of Right Patient, Right Time, Right Service. 

Each team member is also a passionate comsumer of event experience, whether as nationally ranked through recreational athletes, event directors in numerous markets, or passionate music and festival lovers. We love events, and the chance to work ‘behind the scenes’ to support great events we’d want to attend anyways is a dream realized for most.

Our front line staff are supported by a logistics team that takes pride in ensuring that our teams are properly equipped to handle the dynamic event landscape and ever-changing environmental conditions. We are engaged with current, university and college-affiliated research in mass gathering medicine, clinical best-known practice, multi-disciplinary education and advocacy for event safety.

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Odyssey Medical is your risk management expert, and your on-site health and emergency response partner.  We are committed to providing the highest standard of service to all of our partners’ event stakeholders. Odyssey Medical provides service from coast to coast and team members offer expertise in the event landscape, whether a festival, an equestrian event, or film/television. 

On-site event medical teams cannot operate optimally in isolation from the health care services in the event’s host community. We strive to reduce the impact that any event has on the community by working in concert with the local acute health and prehospital stakeholders, including paramedic special operations. We have experience with community engagement, public stakeholder meetings, and media training.

We start by looking at the full planning cycle of your event.  From insurance and permits to registration, participant communications, and waiver forms - all of this in the lead up to your event.  Part of our service is analyzing the scope of and risks unique to your event, examining similar events and their safety supports services, and then evaluating and reporting on key performance indicators post-event.  We are both proactive and reactive – the best combinations to keep your insurance companies confident that you have chosen the right safety partner.

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  • Event First Aid
  • Event Medical Service
  • PhysicianLed Service
  • Water Safety
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Event Emergency Action Plans
  • Community Stakeholder Engagement
  • Event Medical Team Inservicing and Training
  • Event Medical Management Training

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